Air compressors are incredibly useful to have around the home or workplace, but they can be dangerous when not used properly. Here are some of the most important safety guidelines to follow when using an air compressor.


Read the Manual

Before you do anything, always make sure you read the manual for your air compressor. Air compressor models (such as Nuair Piston Compressors, Nuair Air Compressors and Fini Compressors) are all different, and there may be some specific guidance that you should know before you use your model. This will involve checking the pressure regulator and making sure it is at the recommended setting.

A Safety Guide To Using Air Compressors

Keep the Compressor Well Maintained

In between uses of your air compressor, make sure you look after it properly. This means storing it in a dry place, and never change the oil or try to refuel the compressor while it is running or just after using it. Instead, wait until it has been left to rest for a while. You should also make sure you keep the hoses clean of 

GTEC Air Compressors

Check It Over Before Using

Always check over your compressor before you use it. Check the hoses and make sure all the fittings are properly tightened because loose fittings can be dangerous. Also make sure the hoses are clear before turning it on.

Don't Aim It At Anyone

Never point an air compressor at other people or animals. Do not let compressed air touch the skin, and ensure children and animals are well out of the way.

Avoid Wet Areas

Don't use the compressor in a wet area because water exposure can cause rusting in the tank. Always make sure you find a safe dry area before you turn it on.


Use the Motor Guard

Always make sure you have your motor guard in place, and do not use the compressor without one.



Take Care when Transporting the Compressor

When transporting your compressor, make sure you carry it carefully and don't drop to. Follow the guidance in the manual, and make sure there is no pressure left in the tank.


Don't Make Repairs Yourself

If something goes wrong with your compressor, take it to an engineer to fix it. If it is something that you know you can fix, wait until it has cooled down, and disconnect the electricity supply. You may also want to get it checked over once a year or so to ensure it is in good condition.




Use Your Air Compressor Safely

Air compressors can be dangerous when you do not use them properly. To avoid accidents, and to keep your air compressor in the best possible condition, make sure you follow all of these safety tips each time you use it, and keep your compressor accessories and compressor spare parts carefully stored away.